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Debra Adkins October 23, 2011 at 10:16 am

Your grandfather’s picture looks much like my husband’s male ancestry (especeally the brow bone above his eys, deep set, dark colored eyes and even the nose line as well as dark hair. This actually looks remarkably like my husband in his younger days ’70s-’80s). That’s why I’m writing this. They were Adkins – I think that is/was a fairly common name in Scott County. However, my father-in-law grew up in Pike County, KY. Not sure if his parents moved there from Scott County or how they came to live there. I do know that womanizing was quite common among the male members of their earlier generations, but I’m sure that was true of many families, especially in moon-shine days. I seem to recall some connection to Scott County on that side of my husband’s family. Have you considered looking into the history of people who are buried near him. People often want to be buried near those who were near to them. My paternal grandparents were from Scott County (Lovell m. Stapleton) His (Lovell) parents were from NC…. Maybe that prominent brow does come from what was a particular tribe of Cherokees. The Adkins all tend to tan really well too as did my paternal grandmother whose mother was 1/2 Cherokee – ‘olive skin tone’. My grandfather also worked in the coal mines in Scott County. I think he was born around 1901. Wishing you well!


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