Worley Herschel Carter, Sarah Elizabeth (Pannell) Carter and Family

by pat jones

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Worley  Herschel and Sarah Elizabeth (Pannell) CarterNila (Dulaney) Moore writes: The first photo is of my grandparents Worley Herschel and Sarah Elizabeth (Pannell) Carter. The photo was taken around 1907. Worley was the son of William Herschel and Pheobe Cocke Carter. He was born Nov. 9th 1874, in Scott County and died in Big Stone Gap in 1950.

Worley Carter Family
In the second photo in the back row is Everett Carter, Pheobe Cocke Carter (Worley’s mother) and William Carter. The front row is Clyde Carter, Worley Carter, Thelma Carter (my mother) Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Herschel Carter. The photo was taken around 1911. Everett and William are the son’s of Laura Belle Rigs, Worley’s second wife. Sarah Elizabeth was Worley’s third marriage.

I’m not sure where the photos were taken. The first one may have been taken in Scott County. I think the second was taken after they moved to Big Stone Gap.

My mother Thelma Carter married Echol Dulaney, son of James Dulaney and Sarah Jane (Barnett) who was also born in Scott County.

Submitted by Nila (Dulaney) Moore

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Nila (Dulaney) Moore January 13, 2014 at 3:18 pm

I am the daughter of Echol Dulaney and Thelma (Carter) Dulaney. They were both born in Scott County.


Liz Cox January 16, 2014 at 4:41 am

I have a Cocke family member in my line. Would you share info on Pheobe Cocke Carter? Birth? Parents? Siblings? Where was so born? There might be a connection somewhere. My Cocke member is a brick wall for me. Thanks for any small hints.


Deana March 20, 2014 at 6:44 pm

Phoebe Carter and many others are buried on a property we purchased in Scott Co. The cemetery is overgrown and hard to get through. I look forward to cleaning it up and making it more accessible. The family history runs very deep on this land.


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