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Submitted by Marshall Maddox

Looking For Info On My Great Grandfather

Surname: Maddox
Name: Robert E.
Born: Dec.1869
Place: Scott County, Virginia
Died: Sept 5, 1912
Place:Exeter, Wise County, Virginia
Buried: Sept 07, 1912
Place: Cadet Cemetery, Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Occupation: Farmer, Tannery Worker, coal miner.

Oral history of Robert E. Maddox from age 5-42

My search on the Maddox family begin in 1977. Aunt Nora Maddox Barnett was my greatest source of information. I spent 2 or 3 evenings a week at her home listening to her tell me about her family life, the different places they lived and the sparkle in her eye as she spoke of her father and mother.

Aunt Nora began the story with her father, Robert E. Maddox. He was taken to a poor farm just outside Gate city, Virginia by someone at 4-5 yrs old, we also know that he was an illegitimate child.

During my search at Gate city, Virgina courthouse I spoke with Harry Penley about the records for the poor farm. He said that all those records were lost in a fire.The only thing he knew about the poor farm was that they took in orphans and elderly with no family. (Do you suppose that his mother died and he had no family to care for him?)

Aunt Nora said that someone told William Harris about a little boy 4-5yrs old living at the poor farm. Mr. Harris who lived about 15 miles from the farm went with his son John across Clinch Mountain and brought our grandfather Robert E. Maddox back to his home in Yuma, Scott County, Virginia to live with him and his family.

While going through the census records at the Gate City, Virginia library I found Robert E. Maddox in the 1880 Scott County, Virginia census. This is the way it was recorded:

Name – Age – Relationship

Harris William – 63 – Husband
Elizabeth D. – 68 – Wife
John W. – 41 – Son
Aceneth – 38 – Daughter
Pheba A. – 37 – Daughter
Robert E. Matticks – 10 – Border(could not read or write) Born in Va


I Found a John MADDUX [Parents] was born about 1825 in Tennessee. He married Mary R. SMITH.

John was living in the household of his son, Francis, in Scott County, VA in 1900. He listed his age as 88, which appears to be exaggerated, however.

Mary R. SMITH was born about 1827 in Virginia. She married John MADDUX.

They had the following children:

  • James A. MADDUX was born Aug 1852.
  • George W. MADDUX was born about 1852 and died before 1930.
  • Harriet MADDUX was born about 1855 in Virginia.
  • Thomas Jefferson MADDUX was born 5 Jun 1857 and died 3 Jan 1923.
  • Francis Marion MADDUX was born 27 Feb 1860 and died 12 Nov 1916.
  • Nancy J. MADDUX “Nannie” was born about 1862 in Virginia.
  • Charles H. MADDUX “Charlie” was born about 1864 in Virginia.
  • Robert E. MADDUX was born about 1867 in Virginia.

Could they be the same people? Help!

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