Abidja “Bige” Clinton Hammonds

by pat jones

in Faces

Abidja Clinton Hammonds - Harvey Gilliam

Abidja “Bige” Clinton Hammonds on the left and possibly Harvey Gilliam

Sue writes;


I hope someone in Scott County recognizes this family.  I don’t seem to be able to connect with anyone who might have information.

This is a picture of Abidja “Bige” Clinton Hammonds.  I was told the large gentleman with him is his uncle Harvey Gilliam.  Would like to know if this is Harvey Gilliam or one of  “Bige’s” other uncles.  “Bige” died at age 22 leaving a wife and 14 month old son.  His mother was Louisa (Louisiana) Gilliam daughter of Elizabeth D. Carter and Jesse L. Gilliam.  His father was Marion L. Hammonds, son of  Nancy Williams and Anderson Hammonds.

“Bige” was born in 1886.  The 1890 census was burned and he died July 4th, 1908, therefore, he appears in only one census, the 1900 census when he is living with  a member of the Gilliam family.

The picture has J. S. Osburn, Artist – Blackwater, Va., Written on the bottom.

Thank you for publishing all these old pictures.  They are really a joy to see.

Sue Hammonds Swain

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Maria McMurray- Colobro February 11, 2012 at 6:43 am

My great grandfather was William Hammond. This was his brother. I know some spell it with the s and some without. William died of a perforated appendicitis when my grandmother was 11. My grandmother Dorothy Hammond McMurray passed away in 1996 (this would have been her uncle). If you have any other information on them I would love to be in contact with you.



James Tomlinson March 8, 2014 at 9:20 pm

My great-great grandmother was Vada Hammond (b 1879, m Wilson Kilgore).
She was the daughter of William and Sarah Hammond (both born abt 1850).

I cannot seem to find anything on this generation. If you know if “Bige” is of any relation to Vada or William, I’d be greatly appreciative. Thank you.


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