WOLFE Family Gathering, 1915

by pat jones

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Harvey Wolfe Family Gathering, Mothers Day 1915, Scott County, Virginia

Harvey Wolfe Family Gathering, Mothers Day 1915, Scott County, Virginia. Click on image to see a larger version.

Jane writes,

Pat, I am trying to find out if anyone living recognizes these family members. The picture is made at Harvey Wolfe’s home on Mother’s Day, 1915. My grandmother Frances Maud Wolfe is the girl in the white dress in the foreground of the photo and her parents are on the back row left corner, Andrew Jackson Wolfe and Laura Catherine Lane Wolfe. Unfortunately by the time I had possession of the photo no one was living to tell me who they are. A.J. and Laura lived and are buried near Rye Cove in Scott County.

I also wonder if anyone has information about the children in this school picture. I have no knowledge of the school name etc.


Unknown Scott County Virginia Schoolhouse

Submitted by Jane Hoskins

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Patty Flanary Sanders August 15, 2008 at 11:44 am

The young man seated second from left looks very much like my father, Edward Ralph Flanary. He was not born until 1916, so I wonder if it could be his father, Melvin Clinton Flanary. Do you have any further information available? My father’s mother, Maude Elizabeth Harris Flanary, died when he was four and we have never seen a photo of her.

Thank you.

Patty Flanary Sanders
Greenville, SC


Ginger Wolfe March 17, 2017 at 2:19 pm

Looking for relatives of James Wolfe he was my grandfather.I think he passed in the 50s at an asylum he had cancer on his face.Married Bessie Dodson daughter Barbra sons Bobby Joe and Mac Arthur all born I. Late 30s early 40s


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