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No information, other than what was written on the photo, was known about this person when the picture was posted. See the comments. If you have other information about her, please leave a comment using the link below. Thanks!

Photo was submitted by Jean Brand.

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Terry Osborne September 19, 2006 at 8:32 am

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I believe this might be my late grandfather. His name was William Farley Templeton and was born January 12, 1916. He passed away April 6, 1999. He was married to Lentha Tipton and they had 6 children to survive into adulthood: 3 girls – Josephine Vernell, Shirley Irene, and Emma Inez; and 3 boys – William Clayman, Dennis Carroll, and Jimmy (I’m not sure of his full name.)


Pamela Johnson Jones September 20, 2006 at 1:09 pm

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William Farley Templeton (January 12, 1916-April 6, 1999) was the son of James Wallace Templeton and Emily Minerva Alley. Brothers and sisters were Clara Etta, Orban Clarence, Callie V., and Claudia D. He married Lentha Helen Tipton on July 3, 1937. Their children are: William Claymon, Josephine Vernell, James Curtis, Dennis Cariel, Shirley Irene, and Emma Inez


Marilyn Holzwarth January 23, 2011 at 6:42 pm

A daughter of James H. Templeton and E. M. Alley was born in Cheyenne County, Kansas on 5 Jan 1889, according to the newspaper Plaindealer Jan. 11, 1889. The Templeton’s were here three years, then went to Seattle in January 1891. I would like to learn a little more about the family while they were in Kansas. Marilyn


Shirley Templeton Toof March 24, 2013 at 11:34 am

This is my father William Farley Templeton who was born January 12, 1916 and passed away April 6, 1999. He was the son of James Wallice Templeton and Emma Minerva Alley who are buried at Lane Pendleton Cemetery near the old Manville High School. My dad married Lentha Helen Tipton on July 3, 1937 and are also buried at Lane Pendleton Cemetery. Dad’s grandfather was James Elbert Templeton who married Julia Franklin and his great grandfather was William Farley Templeton who married Frances (Fannie) Lane. Dad’s great grandfather William F. Templeton is among the 70 names listed on the 1846 Muster Roll for the 124th Virginia Infantry. They were commanded by Hezekiah P. Neal at Estillville on April 14-16 of 1847 and the Regimental Muster at the residence of George Vineyard on April 17, 1847. Dad’s great grandfather and grandfather’s names are listed on page 430b of the 1850 Scott County Census as Household No. 1079 at which time they were 23 and 4 years of age, respectively.

My mother and father had 7 children – William Claymon, Josephine Vernell, James Curtis, Dennis Cariel, Shirley Irene, and Emma Inez; their first child Velma Agnes died at birth.


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