Lloyd TEMPLETON, Orban TEMPLETON and Clarence LANE

by pat jones

in Faces


No information, other than what was written on the photo, was known about these people when the photo was posted. Thanks to Jack (use comment link below) for deciphering Clarence’s name and for his great comments below.

Photo was submitted by Jean Brand.

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Jack R.Templeton September 18, 2006 at 3:58 pm

E-Mail Address: granpajack@webtv.net

Lloyd C. Templeton was the son of James Elbert “Dr. Jimmy” Templeton & Sarah Ellen “Sally” Alley. He was born 9/19/1901 in Scott Co.& died 2/16/1995 in Sullivan Co,TN. Lloyd married Alice Lane 3/30/1920. I am 99% sure that “Orban” is Orban Clarence Templeton (1900- 1953) He was the oldest son of James Wallace “Jimmy” Templeton & Emma Margaret Alley. At one time he ran a little store just this side of Copper Creek next to the Taylor Cemetary. It is definitely not my dad–Orban Fleetwood s/o Dr.Jimmy– & he’s too old to be Orban Fleetwood (b 1925 in Oklahoma), s/o Kennie. I think the Lane boy may be “Clarence” Lane rather than “Blarbnle”.


Jack R.Templeton September 18, 2006 at 8:17 pm

E-Mail Address: granpajack@webtv.net

Donald Lane thinks that Clarence Lane is: Clarence Abram Lane s/o John Martin Lane & Hannah (Pendleton)Lane.Clarence married Lovely Jennngs & had 2 kids– Evelyn & J.Fred. Lloyd, Orban & Clarence were all born & raised in the Copper Creek/Copper Ridge area.


Kelli Templeton Straub September 19, 2006 at 8:18 pm

E-Mail Address: ktangos@netamumail.com

Orban was my grandfather, but he passed away before I was born. He was married to Rena France Templeton and had seven children–Curt, Carl, Chuck, Betty Jo, Okie, my father, Jack West, and another child who died in infancy. Orban and Rena lived in rural Scott Co. I understand that Orban worked for the railroad. He died at a relatively young age from a heart attack. Rena died about five years ago. If anyone is interested in more specific information, please contact me. I do have a nice picture of Orban and Rena around the time of their marriage.


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